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 Draeger Fire and Gas Detection

Draeger Fire and Gas Detection - Flame and Open Path Transmitters

  • Reliable detection of flames and high immunity against false alarms.
  • Different models detect different types of fires
  • Download Draeger Fire And Gas Detection Product Overview
  • PLEASE NOTE: We have discontinued the Draeger Flame 1700 and 2300 lines.
 Flame DetectionUV IR Visual Flameproof SIL 4-20mA Standalone HART 
 Flame 1300  X    X  
 Flame 3000   X X   X X 
 Flame 5000   X XSIL-2 X X X
 SharpEye X X SIL-2 X
 See also Flame Simulators - the Draeger FS-10 and the Draeger FS-5000
Draeger Flame 1300
   Draeger SharpEye 40/40L-LB                             
  • UV/IR flame detector
  • Detects hydrocarbon-based gas fires, hydrogen/hydroxil fires, metal/iinorganic fires
  • More Information  
 Optical Flame Detectors
 Draeger Flame 3000
 Draeger Flame 5000
 Draeger Flame 3000
 Flame Simulators
 Draeger Flame 2300

Draeger FS-10

  • Tests Dräger Flame Detectors at distances up to five metres.
  • Portable, batterypowered
  • Certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • More information.
Draeger FS-5000
  • Used to simulate the presence of fire or flames to test Flame 5000 CCTV Detector
  • Designed for extreme offshore environments
  • Electronics are housed in an Zone 1 hazardous enclosure
  • More information.

For additional information, complete this application data sheet and email to or fax to 978 532 7325.

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